What Makes Little AngelsSo Special?

  • Over 30 plus years experience in Childcare & Development
  • A highly motivated professional staff that cares about your child.
  • Program encourages independence & free choice.
  • Designed to enhance the intellectual & emotional development.
  • Montessori Trained experienced teachers who love children
  • Authentic Montessori

With our 30 plus years experience in ChildCare and Development, your child’s personal well being & development are in good hands.


Little Angels’ entire program encourages independence and freedom of choice with guided activities…


We are licensed as a preschool and according to state regulations we accept children from 2 to 6 years of age…

About Us

Little Angels Preschool is dedicated to providing quality services that support and contribute to the success and wellbeing…

Our Programs

24 - 36
Months Old
Class Size


Play based program focuses on the child’s language, social, and self-help skills…

36 - 72
Months Old
Class Size


A small class size environment for children who are done with the Toddler program…

48 - 72
Months Old
Class Size


An academically rich, all –day program with before and after care…